Local SEO

SEO is the work that is done both on and off your therapy website to help you to become more visible to the search engines.  It is one thing to have a website and it is another thing for it to be seen by the people that need your help.

With Google being the most popular it is better to work to their standards as the other search engines will also rank your website if it appears on there.  If you aren’t getting onto the 1st page of Google then you are most likely not to be seen or found by your clients and someone else will get your clients instead.

You need to be able to know enough about local SEO for your therapy business so that you can get your website to the top of Google and for it to stay there.  There will always be another therapist who comes along and tries to get to the top so you need to make sure that you are keeping your website at the top.

I like SEO to food and your website as a baby.  You wouldn’t feed your baby once or twice a year and expect it to keep growing for 18 or more years would you?

This is why local SEO needs to be maintained and nurturing your therapy website.  You can’t just do a little bit now and again and expect Google to take you seriously.

Due to the amount of work involved with local SEO I keep my client numbers small and as an extra to my local SEO clients I only work with one therapist of each type of therapy in each town or city.

If you are interested in becoming the number 1 in your local area go to our contact page.