Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to your therapy website is essential for your business to keep growing online.  By using a combination of local SEO techniques with a sensible and structured paid traffic approach you are going to be able to drive in more clients than other therapists in your area.

How to drive traffic correctly in a way that makes you the best possible return is an area that most therapists struggle with.

I have seen it myself.  Therapists will bid crazy money for keywords on Adwords without actually knowing if it is beneficial to their business or even if they are wasting money on their ads being shown to completely irrelevant searches.

This is the wrong way to drive traffic but it is the approach that most therapists use when they are trying to drive traffic to their website.

All this achieves is making the top words more expensive than they need to be and instead wastes their money by showing their ads to the wrong people.  Here at Hypnotherapist Marketing, we set out a clear and coherent strategy, knowing when to show your ads and when not to.