Website Design

To be found these days, you need to have a visible presence online.  Having word of mouth is great but people put more trust in what they can see about you online than they ever have done before.  No therapy website can lead to less clients.

By having a great looking website you are showing your professional edge over those that have a poor one and those that don’t have one at all.

Your website not only needs to look but but it needs to be easy for your clients to use.  For example, if someone is looking for help with anxiety or depression and your website is hard for them to navigate in any way, they are going to click away and find someone elses website instead.

Your website needs to show people who you are and what you are all about.  It needs to show the value that you offer people and also let your own values shine through it.  This is the kind of website that is going to attract people to YOU!